Russia Defends Venezuela From Capitalist-Inspired Forced Starvation

In Venezuela, the capitalists – who are also the ones fomenting the current unrest – own huge plantations that produce the nations basic food staples. They can play with the quantities as they see fit. Such tactics cause untold problems for the people and the government.

As such capitalists, aka the Surplass, wish to see the end of socialism in Venezuela, and as they are doing everything in their power to achieve this, including paying rioters and subversives, it can be said that the Venezuelan government has every right to take stringent measures to end any and all influence that the Surplass have.

If such measures mean appropriating the property and holdings of the Venezuelan Surplass, then so be it. At least then, the government will not have to contend with such corruption, deceit and dangerous intrigue.

A strong line must be taken, for the sake of the people of Venezuela, and for the continuing success of the Chavista Revolution.

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