Lana Del Rey – Young And Beautiful (Pop)

Rebel Voice puts this up as a sign of respect for Lana Del Rey who refused to play in the Apartheid state of Israel and gave up a massive fee to do so. It is refreshing to see a global star who puts her integrity ahead of money. The tide is slowly but surely turning […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Celebrities In Israel

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
This edition of the popular Rebel Voice series casts a cold eye upon those notable Western performers and actors who have supported Israel by their visits to that particular part of Palestine. Some have also performed there, whilst a few have been spotted hob-nobbing with known war criminals from the…

Trump To Grab Hard Line On Cuba

The continuing economic blockade imposed upon Cuba by the US, is a clear attempt at intimidating and bullying the small Caribbean nation into compliance with the right-wing policies of the US Surplass. Cuba has fought to remain free, not only territorially, but also economically. As an independent nation it has that right. The US is […]

Russia Defends Venezuela From Capitalist-Inspired Forced Starvation

In Venezuela, the capitalists – who are also the ones fomenting the current unrest – own huge plantations that produce the nations basic food staples. They can play with the quantities as they see fit. Such tactics cause untold problems for the people and the government. As such capitalists, aka the Surplass, wish to see […]