Know Your Zionist Enemy – Celebrities In Israel

This edition of the popular Rebel Voice series casts a cold eye upon those notable Western performers and actors who have supported Israel by their visits to that particular part of Palestine. Some have also performed there, whilst a few have been spotted hob-nobbing with known war criminals from the Israeli regime.

This list is not complete.

Britney Spears. Spears performed in Tel Aviv on July 3rd, 2017.

Image result for Benjamin Netanyahu Streisand

Radiohead. The popular British band, including lead vocalist and consummate wanker, Thom Yorke, performed in Tel Aviv, 19th July, 2017.

Image result for Radiohead Israel

Justin Bieber. This particular Canadian performed in Tel Aviv on May 3rd, 2017. It is not known if Bieber could point out the location of Israel on a map.

Image result for Justin Bieber Israel

Madonna. The Material Girl performed in Tel Aviv on May 31st, 2012. She stated that her show was meant to be in aid of peace. The ticket revenue was $4,339,876. That’s a nice piece of cash for the Zionist from New York. She had already played there on two dates in 2009.

Image result for Madonna Israel

(in this photo we can see how Madonna reaches out to the oppressed people of Palestine)

Rolling Stones. The aging Brit rockers played Tel Aviv on 4th June, 2014. Rumours are circulating that Jagger wishes to give Methuselah a run for his money.

Image result for Rolling Stones Israel

Justin Timberlake. The former boy band member who was once the beau of Britney Spears, decided to endorse Israel on 28th May, 2014.

Image result for Justin Timberlake Israel

Deep Purple. This particular English rock group returned to play their sixth concert in Israel on May 22nd, 2016. Many of their Israeli fans are immigrants from Russian-speaking countries where they are traditionally popular. Deep Purple‘s success in Israel is therefore indicative of the vast levels of emigration from the collapsing Soviet Union to the Zionist state. They are the ultimate Zionist band.

Image result for Deep Purple Israel

Cyndi Lauper. This ill-conceived pop diva played in Tel Aviv on January 4th, 2014.

Image result for Cyndi Lauper Israel

Foreigner. The elderly Brit-US soft rock band played Israel in March 2014 with two dates in June 2016. They decided to play again on December 2nd, 2017.  Rebel Voice will now boke every time Foreigner comes on the radio.

Related image

Tom Jones.  The creaky Welsh crooner has performed a number of times in the oppressive Zionist state; 1997; 2013; and on June 28th, 2017. Rebel Voice wonders how many pairs of stolen Palestinian knickers Zionists in the crowd threw at the 79-year-old former hip-swinger. Jones is of the opinion that artists should ignore the BDS call to boycott Apartheid Israel. Note: Tom Jones is older than Israel.

Image result for Tom Jones Israel

Rihanna. Performed in Israel in 2010 and October 2013. Rihanna was caught in a controversy when she posted a pro-Palestinian tweet in 2014. She was berated by Zionists and eventually caved in to the pressure, removing the justified tweet.

Related image

Bryan Adams. The Canadian singer-songwriter performed December, in Tel Aviv, on both the 4th and 6th. Given the publicity surrounding Israel and its Apartheid policies, there can be no excuse for Adams in ignoring the mass of evidence that condemns the Zionist state. He is endorsing the behaviour of Israel by playing there. Perhaps for some, money is a powerful master.

Related image

Morrissey. The loud-mouthed Hiberno-Brit has played Israel on more than one occasion. The following video is taken from his visit to the oppressive state in 2012 (note his disgraceful flag waving) during which he was awarded the key to Tel Aviv. There are thousands of Palestinians who also have keys, to their homes in Israel. Sadly, those homes were stolen from them by the Israelis that Morrissey seems so fond of. Morrissey is yet another of those who misguided twats who consider animal life to be more relevant than Palestinian life.  He also performed more recently in August 2016 during two dates.

Backstreet Boys. This US manufactured pop band played 3 dates in Israel during May 2015.

Related image

Aerosmith. Tyler and co performed in Israel in 1994, and it was May 17th, 2017 that they returned to endorse the Apartheid state. This photo shows some very sick and sad individuals.

Image result for Aerosmith Israel

The Pixies. This Boston band, who were once a firm favourite of Rebel Voice, were booked to play in Israel in 2014 but cancelled due to the Israeli slaughter in Gaza at that time. Their cancellation was not in protest at the conduct of the Israeli regime. They did eventually manage to reschedule and played on 25th July 2017. Rebel Voice will now remove The Pixies from the Rebel Voice playlist.

Related image



Guns n’ Roses. This one was a kick in the nuts for Rebel Voice. Although Axel Rose has long been regarded as a wanker, there was no doubt about the quality of their music. And of course Slash was always cool as f**k. But no more. Now G n’ R are little more than mercenaries for the dishonourable cause of Zionism.  They played Tel Aviv on July 15th 2017. They should have known better.

Image result for Guns n Roses Israel

Image result for Guns n Roses Israel

There are many others who either do not care about the suffering of the people of Palestine, or who are more easily swayed by the promise of large sums of Israeli money. It appears that the shekel buys a lot of blinkers in the Entertainment Industry. All who have performed in Israel without remorse or apology or change of view are endorsing the bloody policies of the Israeli regime.

Some others are:

Rod Stewart… Tears for Fears… Nick Cave… Alice Cooper… Ace of Base… Vanessa Mae… Paul Young… Fatboy Slim… Paul McCartney… Riverdance… Lady Gaga… Placebo… Metallica… Ziggy Marley… Red Hot Chili Peppers… Mark Ronson… Alicia Keys… Depeche Mode… LCD Soundsystem… Bon Jovi… Mariah Carey and, of course, the obnoxious Elton John.

Take That endorsed the Zionist state when they played there on 27th November, 2017.

Boycott all who endorse Apartheid when they perform in Israel

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12 Responses

  1. Yes, artists need to make a living, however, most of these artists are not in need of money, and even if one is in need of money, there are times when one must make a firm stand against incomprehensible brutality, theft, glaring injustice and wholesale murder/gencide, and this is one instance. The Israeli government policies are just as sadistic and inhumane as the South-African regime during the apartheid area, and that of Nazi Germany. No one that has compassion, a zest for justice and empathy in their hearts can fail to see the inhumanity and injustices that are being dispensed on/to the Palestinians. Remember the global efforts that were required to a put an end to apartheid in South Africa? Well, it is going to take a more concerted effort to end what is taking place in Israel, as it is seen as a God-given right to do what they are doing and it is sanctioned by a number of s-called Christian churches, which is so unholy and ungodly!

    The US gvernment and other nations and people the world over need to make a firmer stand against the Israeli government policies now!


  2. I have shared this in a few truth groups on facebook. Thank you. We have been brought up in a very slanted world view, especially in America. Criminal Zionism has been hidden all this time. What is wrong with these people that, once they are informed how violent and criminal the Israeli policies are, they support them? Once I figured out how they treat those people that was it for me. Is it the same thing that’s wrong with people who don’t publically acknowledge 9-11 truth, the criminal neocons and Israeli involvement? We lived in a psyop world full of trolls and disinfo on MSM our whole lives until the last 20 years. Thanks for sharing the best truth you can.

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  3. Only just caught up with this article rebelvoice, an excellent expose` of the money grabbing snakes that call themselves ‘artists’. Looking at the list, most of them can be excused because of their extremely low IQ. The mistress of smut and vulgarity, Madonna has a long history of a perverted connection with the violent squatters. I’m sick of the argument that not all Israelis are in agreement with the rogue regime and its policies and there are a few exceptions but all Israelis must be aware that the murderous ‘settlers’ stop Palestinian kids from going to school? Surely they saw in the news that Israeli soldiers deliberately shot teenage footballers in their knees and feet to stop them from pursuing their favoured sport? The list of crimes is endless and for these (mostly) talentless cretins to ignore the miserable plight of the Palestinians is an even bigger crime due to them being in a position to find out the truth. In future I will snag any of these creeps albums for free (if any friends want them) – just to deprive them of any royalties.

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