Trump To Grab Hard Line On Cuba

The continuing economic blockade imposed upon Cuba by the US, is a clear attempt at intimidating and bullying the small Caribbean nation into compliance with the right-wing policies of the US Surplass.

Cuba has fought to remain free, not only territorially, but also economically. As an independent nation it has that right. The US is in contravention of numerous UN resolutions with respect to the ongoing blockade. Israel has supported the US in its nefarious conduct. This will come as no surprize to anyone familiar with the MO of the Zionist state.

Yet Obama did makes moves to ‘normalize’ relations with Cuba. Many would question the agenda of such an imperialist. However, there was room for an improvement between two sworn enemies, and any progress in a thawing of relations should be welcomed.

That is why Trump’s approach is so unacceptable. He wishes to undo any and all progress. We have to ask the question, Who will gain? Trump always has profit in mind.

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