If You’ve Seen A Mount Of Sea Foam (Verse V) – José Martí Poem

José Julián Martí Pérez was born in Cuba in 1853 and died there in 1895, being killed whilst fighting the Spanish colonial forces in the war to liberate Cuba. Martí was a strong inspiration for the Cuban revolutionaries of the 1950’s. He is known as The Apostle of Cuban Independence and is highly regarded across Latin […]

Zapatista Art In Major Display In Cuba

The Zapatistas are an indigenous organisation from the Chiapas region of southern Mexico. They are socialist in ideology and provide much needed support and protection for the people of that area. Over the years, the Zapatistas have developed their own unique culture based upon their Mayan heritage. They were obliged to wear balaclavas, ski-masks and […]

Cuba’s New President To Uphold Socialist Values And Continue Success

In this article we see how the newly elected President of the Socialist Republic of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, has vowed to continue along the path set out by the Castro brothers and all the revolutionaries who founded the modern Cuban state. It must be a hope of all socialists that the beacon of humanitarianism lit […]

How Cuba Fought And Beat Apartheid South Africa

In Angola in 1987-1988, the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale took place. This was a major military engagement fought between Cuban, Angolan and Namibian forces on one side, and Apartheid South Africa and its forced allies in Namibia and Angola on the other. The battle was said to have been the largest fought on African soil since […]

Cuban Democracy Versus US Plutocracy

The following article from TeleSur highlights the democratic values employed in Cuba, in contrast to the global Capitalist media spin that is usually woven to attack the revolutionary Caribbean nation. Whilst anyone can enter and climb the ladder in Cuban politics, if the people vote for them, the same cannot be said for politics in […]

Global Legacy Of Fidel Castro

This article looks at the influence that Fidel Castro had across the globe and across generations. His presence was a positive in a world sadly devoid of good governance. The Earth is a poorer place for the passing of El Comandante. Rebel Voice still mourns the loss. – If you care, give it a share […]

Hugo Chavez’ Historic Speech To UN

This short clip is taken from a speech that the then Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, gave at a meeting of the United Nations. In it he understandably lambastes the Dubya Bush government of the US. Chavez was considered a great man and his death was a great loss to the world.

Cuba And Venezuela Unite

The Cubans are a solid example of good governance in defiance of the fascist policies of the US Empire. Rebel Voice would suggest that a strong bloc of socialist nations, opposed to US inspired capitalism, should be enough to slow or even stop any further schemes by the Empire.

Trump To Grab Hard Line On Cuba

The continuing economic blockade imposed upon Cuba by the US, is a clear attempt at intimidating and bullying the small Caribbean nation into compliance with the right-wing policies of the US Surplass. Cuba has fought to remain free, not only territorially, but also economically. As an independent nation it has that right. The US is […]

Che Guevara In Ireland

This is the only Irish interview with Che Guevara. The man asking the questions has a typical west-Brit accent, straight out of D4. Guevara looks as if he is assessing whether or not he could bed the translator, who was apparently an air-hostess recruited at the last minute.