Cuban Democracy Versus US Plutocracy

The following article from TeleSur highlights the democratic values employed in Cuba, in contrast to the global Capitalist media spin that is usually woven to attack the revolutionary Caribbean nation.

Whilst anyone can enter and climb the ladder in Cuban politics, if the people vote for them, the same cannot be said for politics in the US. Only those with immense wealth can be President of the United States. Only those who have the right connections can become Congressmen and women, and Senators.

Whilst wealth does not determine the outcome of Cuban elections, US elections are predicated upon it. The media in the US, owned and operated by the Establishment, play a major role in deciding the outcome of elections. This is not the case in Cuba, where there is a more level playing field.

Cuba is a socialist nation. But within those noble structures there is true democracy. The US on the other hand, whilst lauding itself on the global stage as the ‘Leader of the Free World’, is both a kleptocracy and plutocracy. The majority of the citizens of the US are marginalized, ignored and manipulated into believing that they are part and parcel of a democratic process. Whereas, in reality, they are really little more than a smokescreen to provide cover for the immoral and corrupt 1-2% that run, and ruin, that immense nation.

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