Venezuela Under Siege From Right-wing Capitalists

This highly informative article from teleSur reveals the truth regarding the right-wing insurrection that is currently taking place in Venezuela.

As stated in the intro, the western media is complicit in events in that Latin American nation, as they not only remain silent about the true facts behind the outbreak of violence, they also actively misrepresent the situation on the ground in an attempt to blacken the character of the socialist government. The media is now a weapon of war.

Similar tactics were employed in the US-backed coup against Former President, Hugo Chavez. The fascists failed at that time. We must hope that they will fail on this occasion also. Perhaps now is the time to clean Venezuela of all the right-wing crazies intent on destroying the good that Chavez and his followers have done.

It is clear that vested western interests, who wish to steal the Venezuelan oil, will hope to install a puppet regime as they have done before in both Venezuela and across the region. They must be stopped.

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