Genie Oil & Gas – Corporate Corruption With Governmental Complicity

Genie Energy Ltd. is a US energy company headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. It is a holding company comprising Genie Retail Energy, Genie Retail Energy International, Genie Energy Services, and Genie Energy Oil and Gas. It has extensive interests in the Occupied Territories of the Golan Heights, which is in Syria but is currently illegally […]

Russia And China Call For Respect For Venezuelan Election Results

After Nicolas Maduro’s resounding victory in the Venezuelan general election, there have been calls from two super-powers for other nations, most notably the US, to respect the results. The calls come as the US has tried to rubbish the election before they took place, and continues to pursue an agenda that would see the Latin […]

Yemeni Forces Target Saudi Oil Infrastructure

As the Saudi regime continues to conduct an illegal war against the population of Yemen, it appears that the Yemenis are not going to willingly play the role of victims. Recent rocket strikes within Saudi Arabia will have come as a shock to the Wahhabi fascists who control that oil-rich nation. Western powers, and Israel, […]

Right-wing Media Stir Violence in Venezuela

This article, from Sputnik, is revealing in that it gives some insight into the extent to which anti-government terrorists, and their supporters in the media, will go to in an attempt hide the truth of the violence in Venezuela. George Soros would appear to have his grubby hands everywhere that he shouldn’t. The media is […]

Venezuela Under Siege From Right-wing Capitalists

This highly informative article from teleSur reveals the truth regarding the right-wing insurrection that is currently taking place in Venezuela. As stated in the intro, the western media is complicit in events in that Latin American nation, as they not only remain silent about the true facts behind the outbreak of violence, they also actively […]

US Vultures Wants Venezuelan Oil, Will Kill To Get It.

Oil.Oil.Oil. Venezuela has it. The US wants it. It’s no coincidence that Venezuela is the one nation that the Surplass of the United States has focused it’s malevolent gaze upon. No other Latin American nation has the oil reserves of Venezuela. A coup was instigated by the capitalist hawks of the US, when Hugo Chavez […]

Venezuela Fights for Freedom

The capitalist and imperialist Merchants of Greed, and their centres of propaganda, try hard to smother the truth about Venezuela and its socialist government. They attempted to peddle the same lies about the socialist hero, Hugo Chavez, and his policies. The ruthlessness and malignancy of the Surplass knows no bounds. They will stop at nothing […]

Venezuela Under Attack by US-backed Insurgents of Greed

The capitalists of the west are responsible for stirring up the trouble documented in the following article from teleSur. They care little about the human cost of their greed and ruthless ambitions. The United States is instigating further unrest in Venezuela, so that it might eventually get unrestricted access to the vast oil reserves there. […]

Mexican Support for Venezuelan Coup?

The following article from TeleSur highlights the alarming moves by capitalist forces to overthrow the democratic government of Venezuela. The Mexican President, Nieto, refuses to meet with Mexican human rights activists and protesters, yet will happily meet with a right-wing Venezuelan. It is not difficult to know the topics that they will have chosen. They […]

US War on Iran and Venezuela makes Syria ‘collateral damage’

We can see how the circumstances surrounding both Venezuela and Iran are similar. Both have large oil reserves. Both are refusing to allow the US to dominate them. Both are being steadily isolated by the US and its allies/cohorts (most notably Israel). Both are being undermined by fake news stories that attempt to influence public […]