US War on Iran and Venezuela makes Syria ‘collateral damage’

We can see how the circumstances surrounding both Venezuela and Iran are similar. Both have large oil reserves. Both are refusing to allow the US to dominate them. Both are being steadily isolated by the US and its allies/cohorts (most notably Israel). Both are being undermined by fake news stories that attempt to influence public opinion in those nations who intend to profit from control of both.

The US attack on Syria was an unconscionable assault upon international law. Syria is a sovereign nation with protections afforded under law. Yet the US unilaterally decided to launch an attack with no solid evidence to back up their tenuous claims.

Syria is an ally of Iran. Both the US and Israel want Iran further isolated. Defeating Assad and replacing him with a Sisi-type puppet is their chosen method. Previously they attempted to use their own militias in the form of terrorist groups such as Al-Nusra. That approach was succeeding until the Russians intervened. The US and Israel were forced to adopt a new tactic. This is what the recent air-strike is. However, the ultimate goal is Iran.

In Latin America, US moves are underway to eliminate all resistance and gain control of the region. Bit by bit, Venezuela will be pressurized. Conditions will be created in that country whereby the US will deem it necessary, for ‘humanitarian reasons’, to attack the government, and install their own marionettes. Their tactics are painfully obvious to any who wish to see. Their methods cause great pain and suffering to all, regardless.

Until there is a coalition of nations, in a new global political bloc, similar in nature to the old Warsaw Pact, then the US (and Israel) will continue to wreak havoc across the Middle East and World, all in pursuit of ultimate control and ever greater profit.


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