Israel prefers ISIS to Iran

Folks, the video that follows, and what it reveals about Israeli thinking, is important. We can clearly see how Israel not only ‘prefers’ ISIS to Iran, it also prefers Sunni Muslims to Shi’a Muslims, presumably because it is currently Sunni nations, such as Saudi Arabia, that are more pliable and under the dominance of Zionist forces.

Iran is said here to have access to ‘nuclear capabilities, just as Saddam was said to have access to the same, prior to the invasion that claimed both his life and country for Zionist powers.

Jordan is described as a buffer in protecting Israel from neighbouring nations. It becomes apparent, as the fool shown continues to speak, that Israel welcomes the circumstance of Perpetual Conflict across the Middle East, as this policy ensures that Islamic nations are distracted and weak, and therefore of a lesser threat to Israel and its expansionist plans.

It is painfully obvious to any neutral observer that Israel, aided and abetted by the US and morally bankrupt western states, will not stop until it has completely claimed the entirety of Palestine. It will also not cease in its devious and nefarious machinations until such times as any and all Islamic resistance to both Zionism and Israeli supremacism is wiped out.

Israel has Zionist reasons for its path. The US and its greedy allies have reasons of profit as theirs. They share a common goal, total hegemony in the Middle East. It is inevitable that Assad will continue to be attacked by Zionists, as he is an obstruction. It is also clear that there will be no cessation until Iran is under the control of western/Zionist powers, and their capitalist corporations.

Only a unified front that includes Iran, China and Russia, among others, can prevent this outcome. The people of the world, at least those who have a conscience and eyes that are open, will also play a part in the final outcome. Sadly, it seems likely that we will all need to fasten our seat-belts, as global war is on its way.


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