Venezuela Says No To Stuffy Old Farts And Their Paperwork

President Maduro is surely justified in making whatever changes to the Venezuelan constitution are necessary in order to give greater control to the people, and provide greater protections for them.

Many constitutions, and I include Ireland here, are antiquated and out of touch with modern societies. Whilst no one should throw the baby out with the bath water, neither should a nation be afraid to improve upon what has been officially set in stone for too long.

Constitutions are often found to have been drawn up by capitalists, conservatives, and all-round boring and greedy old farts. Why should a modern, pluralist nation on the march be constrained by such any document that serves only to assist the rich in acquiring ever more wealth, while the majority are left behind. That is not progress, and if a constitution has to be amended, or ripped up and completely rewritten in order to be fair, then so be it.

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