From “United States” To Imperial America: A Hidden Empire

Those of us in the West have a fairly biased opinion of the USA and its form of government. We are inundated with what is endless propaganda telling us how we should view that portion of North America. But is it accurate?

Hollywood and the wider entertainment industry serve as tools in weaving the American myth. Movies portray the US as a place of noble virtues that embrace the corridors of power. OK, some films do criticise the federal system. They tackle injustice and inequality. But, taken as a whole, Hollywood has chosen to buy into the false perception of the political system United States of America as a morally justified entity.

“Leader of the Free World”. “Greatest nation on earth”. “War on Terror”. “Regime change”. “Bringing democracy”. “Collateral damage”. All of these epitaphs have emanated from the USA.

“Exploiter of the planet”. “Most egotistical politicians on earth”. “Causing terror through perpetual war”. “Fascist regime”. “Plutocracy”. “Killing innocent people on a regular basis”. All of these descriptors fit the federal government and agencies of the USA.

Today, the US has more military bases in foreign nations that just about all other countries combined (approximately 800). It is engaged in more wars than any other five nations combined. It spends more on its military than any two other nations combined. It has a secret police known as Homeland Security; a right-wing political system; legislation that grants virtually unlimited domestic power to the government (Patriot Act), legislation that allows the military to attack the International Criminal Court to free US criminals, convicted or otherwise (US is the only nation on earth known to have such legislation); has a concentration camp in illegally occupied Cuba, known as Camp X-Ray, in Guantanamo; is the only nation to have used nuclear weapons to kill; maintains a huge chemical and biological weapons ability; oppresses and marginalises its own people; conducted both ethnic cleansing and genocide against various indigenous peoples of the now US; stole land from Mexico; colonised Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, part of Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands and “US” Virgin Islands; enforces the rights of its Capitalist corporations to strip countries of their resources; sells more weapons that any other three nations combined; has created more terrorist groups, armed and directed them than any other 10 nations combined; installs and supports dictatorships such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Myanmar; has toppled democratically elected governments such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Egypt and Ukraine, and gives tacit and unquestioning support to the rogue state of Israel that is also itself engaged in ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. The US is also in breach of scores of UN resolutions, including an illegal blockade of Cuba that is decades old, and ignores international norms such as the Geneva Convention of Human Rights. Quite a record, slightly more than three strikes and you’re out.

So how is the US able to get away with it all? The answer is to be found at the beginning of this piece. The Capitalist and Zionists controlled and owned media, and entertainment industry, serve as apologists and worse for the US regime. Citizens of the United States are hoodwinked into accepting the status quo whereby they are told that the US government and its corporations are good, and those who oppose them are bad. The people are effectively brain-washed by adverts and media drivel. Debt is used as a form of control. Default from the standard narrative and you will be dealt with, after being characterised as either unpatriotic or criminal, or both.

Movie stars and tycoons are the new aristocracy. The military-industrial complex pulls the strings of government alongside lobby groups such as the NRA and AIPAC who purchase government policies and make exorbitant profits from doing so. Meanwhile, in Detroit the people suffer from deprivation. In Flint they have poisoned water. In the Appalachians they wallow in financial mud and choke on the fumes of corporate greed. In the bayous of Louisiana, the people eke out a meagre existence in face of government apathy. In the projects of every city in the USA, and there are too many of them, the residents run the gauntlet of crime as the dispossessed fight for crumbs from the overladen tables of the rich. On the reservations, the First Nations people must look on in despair at all that was theirs and what is now being wrought upon it and them.

As it is in the United States, so it is across the world as corporate locusts descend upon entire nations and continents to strip them of all that is of value. Cobalt, gold, silver, platinum, Lithium, pyrites, quartz, rare earth elements, diamonds, titanium, barium, sugar, fruit and water are all plundered and children are often the workers employed to dig the soil and harvest the produce. It’s a Capitalist feeding frenzy driven by greed within the corridors of power in the USA and facilitated by an increasingly well-resourced and powerful military. And all of this takes place as the US national debt reaches astronomical levels.

No, the US is not the only culprit in this destruction of people and planet. But it is the biggest and by quite some way. The US is Capitalist central and from there comes yet more ideas on how to further continue the death of our world. A nation of good people who are being lied to by the bad who control them. A nation of subjects who do not fully realise to what they have been subjected. A nation blinded by gaudy neon and patriotic calls that mask the greedy horror and oppression within.

Until citizens of the US move to take back their country from the conglomerates and tyrants and corporate demagogues, then they will continue to suffer, and dwindle, and be thankful to the Gods of Consumerism for it. A Purgatory of Stuff. A Shopping Mall Limbo. Existing but not alive. And until they do exorcise the demons that haunt the halls of the Pentagon and Capitol Hill and The White House, we will all, all the citizens of this blue planet, continue to bend beneath the unrelenting weight of corporate and Capitalist envy, apathy and greed.

The following presentation is by an honourable US journalist who is not blind to the truth about what her government is doing to earth’s people. Take a look and see.

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