Child Casualities In Yemen Grow As Saudis Jackboots March On

The following article looks ate the incidence of both child causalities and fatalities in the ongoing terror in Yemen. Today, it seems that nations have no concern for the children caught up in conflict. State agencies have not evolved as humanitarians, they have merely improved their methods of slaughtering people, including children. That is a shocking comment upon our species.

Continuing bloodshed in Yemen, and Palestine, is being promoted by Zionism with the US arming the imperialist groups involved. But the Houthis rebels are not blameless. To win any conflict by murdering children is a Pyrrhic victory at best, a state policy of child murder at worst. But if populations care more about clothes and shoes and cars, how can the slaughter ever be stopped?

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  1. There will however be much skepticism around what Al-Jazeera reports… I tend to find this Doha funded Arab MSM outlet more like a combination of ‘good cop – bad cop’ i.e. a two-in-one…

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