ISIS And Israel Make Good Bedfellows

This article from Mint Press, an independent news outlet based in the US, clearly demonstrates what those of us with our eyes wide open have long known. Namely, that Israel is working in concert with sections of ISIS.

ISIS opposes Iran. It has recently committed terrorist acts in Iran. ISIS opposes the Syrian leader, Assad, and is active in destroying that beleaguered nation.

Israel opposes Iran and Assad.

Israel and ISIS make comfortable bedfellows.

When ISIS launches attacks in Europe, Israel benefits from the resultant hostility towards all of the Islamic world, including those nations singled out by the Zionist press for special and sinister attention.

Perhaps, some day soon, Europeans and the wider global community will awaken to the fact that the ISIS attacks are being directed at the behest of those who stand to gain the most. Israel, the Saudi regime, and the US Establishment.

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