Amazighs (Berbers) – The White Tribe Of Africa

Although more commonly known as the Berbers, the Amazighs of North Africa are regarded as the only ‘White’ Tribe of Africa. They have an ancient culture that has been somewhat overlooked by most. It appears to have been the expansion of the Arab world into the region in 652 AD that placed great pressure upon […]

Flotilla For Gaza On Route From Europe

The freedom boat has sailed from Sweden for Gaza in an attempt to break the illegal blockade that the rogue state of Israel has imposed upon that especially besieged area of Palestine. While the activists on board may hold out little hope of making it through, their efforts will not go unnoticed by the international […]

The Celts – BBC Series – Episode 6

This final episode looks at the more recent history of the nations of the Celtic Isles of western Europe. The narrator begins by describing the Celtic languages as ‘dying’. Not a good start. Although it can be said that those ancient tongues are under immense pressure, they are not dying. Across the Occupied Six Counties […]

The Celts – BBC Series – Episode 1

This is the first in a six part series exploring the ancient Celts of Europe. Although the story of the Celts is still being written, the information discovered so far is of great interest, especially to those of us who are said to be from traditionally Celtic regions. This series was produced by the BBC […]

Celts – 10 Fascinating Facts

This is a light look at the Celts of Europe. The story surrounding these ancient peoples is still being discovered. In Ireland, for example, it is now thought that the Celts made little impact in the DNA of the resident people there. Like English, the Celtic family of languages seemed to spread where the Celts […]

ISIS And Israel Make Good Bedfellows

This article from Mint Press, an independent news outlet based in the US, clearly demonstrates what those of us with our eyes wide open have long known. Namely, that Israel is working in concert with sections of ISIS. ISIS opposes Iran. It has recently committed terrorist acts in Iran. ISIS opposes the Syrian leader, Assad, […]

China To Forge Bonds With Eurasia, Build New Silk Route

This initiative from China could be an important step in forging stronger links between the Far East, Europe and greater Asia, both in terms of trade and culture. Any such progress should be welcomed, as when barriers are broken down, then citizens are less likely to want to slaughter one another. The experience of the […]

Who is a Jew? – A Brief Analysis Of The Tribe

In our world today, riven as it is by political conflict for a myriad of reasons, we are continually faced with endless questions regarding the identities of various population groups, national or otherwise. One such distinctive populace at the centre of world affairs due to the unfortunate situation in Palestine, are the Jewish people. Growing […]

Syria And A Question Of Balls

It’s stating the obvious to say that Syria is truly a mess. The Russians are helping the Syrians, as are the Iranians. The US is helping the Kurds and ‘moderate’ terrorist grouping such as Al-Nusra. Israel are also helping the same terrorist organisations in an attempt to topple Assad. The Kurds are under attack from […]