New Global Military Bloc To Be Formed

Closer ties between Russia and China is inevitable in face of growing US aggression across the globe. I foresee the formation of a global military bloc including the aforementioned two, but also including Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Brazil (possibly), Indonesia and Turkey among others.

Such a bloc is today necessary in countering the increasingly power and influence (and blatant imperialist  agenda) of the United States. Sometimes a strong response is necessary in preventing an escalation of any current tension. If enough military hardware is ranged against the US, it may serve to force the Imperial giant to backtrack and pull in its horns a little. This will mean greater safety for the people of the world, and that includes the citizens of the US (although sometimes it appears that the US Establishment sees itself, and its charges, as above everyone else on planet Earth. More fools they…)

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