NATO Adds to Challenge to Russia

The following article provides us with some insight into a recent piece of political maneuvering in the Balkans that could have unforeseen consequences for the people of the entire region, as well as all of Europe.

The US is now moving its pieces across the board of the European theatre. Under the guise of NATO, the north American superpower is aligning various nations into a bloc designed to oppose, weaken, and eventually dominate Russia. Should the Bear fall, then the US and, more importantly, the corporations that control it, will stand unopposed in Europe and across western Asia.

Whether one supports Putin or not, it must be realized that Russia is globally necessary as a counter-weight to increasing US hegemony. No nation should have the level of influence that Washington has, and wishes to consolidate.

The inclusion of Montenegro into NATO will impact upon its tourism, which is heavily dependent upon Russia. It will also have a knock-on effect on neighbouring Serbia, an ally of Russia.

The well-heeled financial elite, who inhabit the hedonistic reservations of the United States, will be in no danger from such machinations. They will reap profits from any forthcoming conflict. It will be the ordinary citizens of the US, and the world, who will be obliged to lay down their lives in service of the Surplass.

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