Media Bias Evident

Yes, the EU occasionally offer some mealy-mouthed criticisms of Israeli actions, yet what sanctions do they apply? Iran is not on the same level as Israel when it comes to serious human rights abuses. Israel practices Apartheid. Israel engages in ethnic cleansing. Israel now refuses entry to Palestine for impartial international observers. Israel has cordoned off Gaza and is slowly destroying the infrastructure, the livelihoods and lives of the people there.

Yet Israel remains unharmed by any official action taken by European states. It is the ordinary citizens who are taking part in BDS, not the governments. I am left exasperated at the continuing failures of European governments to act in defence of the beleaguered people of Palestine. I am also astounded that the crimes of Israel, so well documented, have not served to force governments into compliance with the norms of a moral society.

The people of Europe are being mislead. They are being kept in the dark. They are being lied to. The mainstream media is being used as a weapon of war and oppression by Zionism. Pseudo-journalists are not being held to account for their crimes of negligence. This must be changed.

Distribution of information is key to combating Israel and its corrupt allies. I urge everyone who stands with human rights, and who stands with Palestine, to hold the immoral media responsible for allowing the politicians to lie to us. Hold the immoral media responsible for every Palestinian home lost, every Palestinian life gone, every Palestinian dream denied.

It is when the good people gain control of the means of sharing the truth, that the battle against Israel and all other corrupt political entities, will be won. We all have our part to play.

The brief:

The European Union has extended sanctions against Iran by another year over what the bloc says are serious human rights violations. The EU said it extended a travel ban and asset freeze against 82 people and also a ban on EU exports “that might help in the repression of internal dissent.” The extension prolongs the sanctions until April 13, 2018. The sanctions are separate from those over Iran’s alleged nuclear program, which have been lifted. (AP)

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