Cuban Doctors Go, Where Evil States Care Not To Tread

I often read of western heads of state condemning Cuba for its human rights record. They regularly complain that the socialist Caribbean nation has much to do before it can be fully accepted by the west. Barack Obama voiced his concerns about the changes that he felt Cuba needed to make in order to be a better place to live.

Yet the following article demonstrates that it is Cuba who leads the way with respect to human rights. Whereas Cuba exports doctors and medical assistance for any nation that needs such, the US, and it’s allies in hypocrisy, export missiles, artillery and assorted other weapons of death.

I wonder, do the western purveyors of capitalist propaganda feel anything resembling shame at the blatant lies they tell about Cuba? Do they have a conscience that screams for an end to their deceptions and complicity in the destruction of people and lands? Or, inside, are they already dead?

Hasta la victoria, siempre!

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