Palestine and the Media

I use Facebook, on occasion, to better understand some of what is taking place across the world. Although the social media giant does censor some of its content, there is still a wealth of information, including video, to help educate those such as myself who remain suspicious of the bias extant within the western media.

In no region of the world is this social media access to the truth more apparent and important than in Palestine. I have watched numerous videos, some by international observers, some by Israelis and some by Palestinians. All of these assist in providing an accurate understanding of life there.

In one clip, recorded on a mobile phone by an irate Israeli, I saw a young Palestinian boy of 11 as he lay bleeding heavily from an Israeli gunshot wound. In the audio, the child’s distress is clear, as are the translated taunts of the Israeli cameraman who screams at the traumatized boy to die. Not one person approaches to offer assistance to the thin child as he lies in shock, still conscious, yet unable to process the horror of what has been done to him.

I have viewed clips where the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) provoked one teenage youth into fighting with them before approximately 7 armed soldiers shoot the boy dead. I have seen old Palestinian women beaten; young Palestinian girls held down and kicked in the head by Israeli citizens. I watched as a heavily pregnant Palestinian woman was gunned down by Israeli police.

Time and time again I witnessed Palestinian children beaten, abducted and often shot, either by the Israeli military, their police thugs, or heavily armed Settler paramilitaries.

Each time I have viewed these horrific images I have asked myself where the western media are. I have questioned why a media that prides itself upon its integrity is steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the disgraceful truth of what is being perpetrated upon the Palestinian people on a daily basis.

When the media deliberately ignore that which is in the public interest, they are doing a great disservice to the people. Of course, it may be that individual journalists are frustrated at the restrictions that are being placed upon them by their editors and/or board members. Yet to allow such corruption to smother the truth makes those journalists also complicit in any injustice that is taking place.

It is not good enough that they feel bad about what is taking place. It will only be good enough when they stand up for what is right, and that means standing up for the beleaguered population of Palestine.

Israel has its own well-funded Ministry of Disinformation. It has the assistance of the zionist media of the west (such as the New York Times). Who do Palestine have? Who speaks for the victims of continuous Israeli aggression and slaughter?

We, the conscientious people of the world, will continue to use our voices in whatever way we can. But to reach the entire world and deliver the truth that will see justice brought to Palestine, we require either cooperation from the media, or their absolute refusal to be used as mouthpieces for the rabid Israeli regime.

Unless the world’s media can report honestly upon events in Palestine, they have no right to claim any mantle of either integrity or journalistic professionalism.

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