Summary from a Dark Place

Summary from a Dark Place

The patchwork sky is undecided, hold or release

Trees wait patiently, and shuffle in anticipation

Troubled minions flit and fight, almost oblivious

As the World turns



The wireless whispers

that which I already know

Miles from here

Strong clammy stained hands clutch at life

Steal it away

The imbalance continues to exasperate

The hypocrisy continues to deal fate

And the State watches


In their Green Rooms the Capitalist actors laugh

And guzzle and sneer

And appear before the many to lie and con

Confuse and manipulate

To determine our Fate


Over there they waddle obesely overfed

While over there they starve and whither

And die

Nourishment denied

The parents too shrivelled to cry for the loss

The imbalance continues to exasperate


‘Maximise Profit’ I hear them declare

And guffaw at consequence

Bloody good blokes affixing their yokes of debt

Onto slender weakened frames

With meek voices and doubts

Their dreams drowned out

By the ruthlessly ambitious louts

Who live for control

And the State plays its role

A knackered vehicle

That drives us all to ruin

Powered by incessant greed

The perpetual energy of a species

Not managed but damaged

Self-destructive tendencies

The self-harm of toxic invasion

The demoralisation of the young

Abuse of the innocent, our future

No real investment in our future


But not miles from here

Behind closed doors the unspeakable occurs

Children stare in horror at the dial

As the hours tick by the second draws near

The third and so on

Helpless in the face of endless time

And the monsters are not born

But created by failures

Passed on and on and on

The negative spiral spins ever faster

Fuelled by insatiable greed





Facilitated by blackened hearts and frenetic minds

Without conscience


‘Maximise profit’ they declare and grab at dreams

Still growing, still taking shape and mutate

The beauty into Capitalist ugliness

And the State watches

And partakes