The Surplass Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

‘… the loveliest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!’
Today, the same can be said for the existence of the Surplass (that class of people who are surplus to requirement) who control the flow of both money and information across the globe, particularly in the West.
A very small percentage of our populace have positioned themselves to manipulate and feed upon the rest. They live in all nations. They work individually or together. When they partner, they are more effective. Here is some verse to demonstrate:
They seek to dominate and subjugate.
If you stand in their way, they will terminate.
They will exterminate all you hold,
Eliminate all you possess.
From the smallest hope to your children’s caress.
They stifle and stymie and steal.
They feed us lies and corrupted ideals
And promises of blue skies.
With schemes that thrive
On misinformation
And disinformation
And no information.
They control the popular media.
They control the Entertainment Industry.
They control the advertising
That seeps into your minds and infects
The malleable minds of your young.
They lurk in the corners of your homes and your heads.
They are the real bogey-men under your beds
Who prance through your sleep as your families weep
With hunger and need and bleed into their golden basins of greed.
They are a virus. They are a plague.
They are a contamination and abomination.
They demand subordination and promise annihilation
Should you query or ponder or question or wonder.
Conspiracy theory is the shield they wield, behind which they hide
And bide their time until you weaken, and crumble and stumble
To fall into their fetid and cold embrace.
Remember, not all is paranoia. Suspicion shines a light.
Hindsight is a wonder but hindsight comes too late.
The Surplass wait, for your rage to cease,
Your dreams to fracture into pieces
They acquire to sate their buyers.
You topple from hope to despair.
Then they’re there.
They are the demon masters of their human zoo.
Sometimes they are out to get you…
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