The Surplass Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

This is a piece of verse condemning the current state of our world and its capitulation to the control of the evil Surplass.

Rebel Voice

‘… the loveliest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!’
Today, the same can be said for the existence of the Surplass (that class of people who are surplus to requirement) who control the flow of both money and information across the globe, particularly in the West.
A very small percentage of our populace have positioned themselves to manipulate and feed upon the rest. They live in all nations. They work individually or together. When they partner, they are more effective. Here is some verse to demonstrate:
They seek to dominate and subjugate.
If you stand in their way, they will terminate.
They will exterminate all you hold,
Eliminate all you possess.
From the smallest hope to your children’s caress.
They stifle and stymie and steal.
They feed us lies and corrupted ideals
And promises of blue skies.
With schemes that thrive
On misinformation

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