US Author Comments On ‘Elite’ Control Of The People

The following excerpt is taken from the Dean Koontz novel, The Whispering Room. The story is about a rogue FBI agent working to expose a plot to control influential people via the use of nanotechnology.

The group responsible believe that they will create a better society, but corruption is endemic to such individuals and they exceed their original remit and go fucking ape-shit with the technology. Thankfully, it’s only a work of fiction. Isn’t it …?

The story can be viewed as a comment upon the condition of successive US Federal governments, and the corporations that control them. Koontz is not your typical Leftie. He is a denigrater of Cuba, North Korea and Iran in this book. Clearly Koontz does not see the irony in his own position. Sadly, it appears that he has been partially conditioned to believe US Federal propaganda when it relates to foreign nations, but not when it deals with domestic issues. Go figure.

The passage relayed here is still worth noting though, and provides an observation upon the United States. Hopefully, Koontz will awaken to the full truth of US Federal propaganda someday soon.

‘Even though the foolishness of its elites had diminished its prospects and though many among its people lived with the foreboding of terrible loss and tragic withering, this was still a big country in terms of territory and native spirit, so that to drive it was both an exhausting and encouraging experience.’

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