Facebook Threatens Closure Of Group Over Anti-Israeli Cartoon

The story of the Facebook pogrom against independent media outlets is growing hourly. Millions of customers have been robbed of their followed sites by the social media leviathan in a move designed to smother all independent commentary and sharing of news.

It has long been accepted that Facebook operates a strongly Zionist policy, with those who follow that ideology being afforded special protections. The story on this can be found here:


There have now been further developments in this matter as Facebook has now threatened to shut down the independent site, Mint Press News, for posting a cartoon ridiculing the well documented Israeli targeting of journalists in Palestine. The cartoon was posted on Instagram, owned by Facebook, and was removed for being ‘hate speech’. It would appear as if anything that is critical of Israel or Zionism is to be regarded as inappropriate and to be removed. This is a blatant denial of the right to free expression and the sharing of the truth.

The really worrying repercussion to this draconian move by Facebook is that video clips which show Israeli crimes against humanity will eventually be blocked and those posting them banned. As much as it is clear that Facebook has set out its Zionist stall, it must be wondered if they have shot themselves in the foot with this sneaky manoeuvre. It should be noted that, although not publicly stated, many pro-Palestinians, including Rebel Voice, believe that Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s Head of Cybersecurity and the person responsible for this latest purge, is a Zionist stalwart.

It’s always interesting when they decide to show themselves for who they are, and what they are, vile opponents of the human rights of oppressed peoples in Palestine, USA, Latin America and across the globe.

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