Trump’s White House In Moral And Intellectual Decline

If there’s one thing that can be said about Donald Trump, it’s that he’s not boring… at least not all the time. If he’s not insulting all women, or Muslims or Mexicans, he’s threatening total war on North Korea before becoming best buds with Kim Jong-un. There appears to be no limits to what Trump will say, or Tweet, in his increasingly erratic attempts to remain centre of attention.

But there is a major problem for the world in this. Trumps’ belligerent rhetoric, which inevitably precedes or follows his empty offers of friendship, serve to paint a picture of someone who is psychologically unbalanced. This has been demonstrated in his public relationship with his wife and his utterances about his daughter. He was also recorded pushing a European head of state out of his way at a NATO photo-op. Trump is almost out-of-control. Should his downward spiral continue then it might well mean global war for everyone.

Iran are a firm target for Trump and his warmongering cronies at the minute. The thugs of DC are being lead in this by Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of Israel, who wants Iran destroyed but would have the US do it for him. Trump doesn’t care about the lives of Iranian civilians or US military personnel. He cares only about power and profit. Netanyhau knows how to play the Orange Menace and it’s going to mean an outbreak of war which will escalate to encompass Russia and perhaps China.

The warning signs are all there. If Trump is not stopped in his growing madness, then it will mean a poor future for the planet. It will be too late then to say I told you so.

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