Nabi Salih – One Village In Palestine – A Story Of Resistance And Oppression

Nabi Salih is a small village in the Palestinian West Bank currently under brutal occupation by the forces of the rogue state of Israel. It is best known as the home of the Tamimi family who have maintained a humanitarian resistance to Zionist forces for generations. The most famous member of this stalwart family is Ahed, the blonde-haired firebrand girl who was arrested at the age of 16 for slapping an Israeli storm-trooper after her young cousin was shot in the face by the regime.

Ahed has since been released and is engaged in a European tour where she is presenting the truth of the Palestinian Crisis to the international community. But the resistance of Nabi Salih goes beyond Ahed and the Tamimi family. The entire village is being punished by Israel for having the audacity to demand respect and human rights.

The following video introduces us to Nabi Salih and some of its residents. We get to see why the villagers are so determined that they will not be assimilated into a foreign regime and refuse to bow to the illegal Israeli squatters that occupy land close to the Palestinian homes.

Rebel Voice has long understood that the people of Palestine have nothing to fear from the truth. Israel, however, has everything to lose should the world learn the reality of life under Zionist control. Articles like the following video help to inform the global community. So sit back and relax, and say hello to the people of Nabi Salih.

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