Mayan Underworld – Cenotes

The cenotes of the Yucatán peninsula are renowned for their mystery and beauty. Believed to have been formed when the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs (or most of the bigger ones anyway) hit close to the coast of Mexico, these intriguing holes in the limestone bedrock have been places of religious devotion for centuries if not millennia.

Many artifacts have been discovered within their depths. Everything from urns to human remains have been removed for analysis. It is now thought that the cenotes were votive sites, with offerings being made to the deities of the underworld. The openings themselves, were considered doorways to that subterranean domain.

Many cenotes are still being discovered due to extensive and heavy forest growth. Others are popular sites for divers and swimmers. Some of these underwater cave systems stretch for miles with fresh and salt water forming eerie layers within. Rebel Voice feels delighted that the cenotes of Mexico have still not revealed all of their secrets. Surely we all need a little mystery in our lives?

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