Mayan Underworld – Cenotes

The cenotes of the Yucatán peninsula are renowned for their mystery and beauty. Believed to have been formed when the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs (or most of the bigger ones anyway) hit close to the coast of Mexico, these intriguing holes in the limestone bedrock have been places of religious devotion for centuries if […]

Hittites – Ancient Empire That Vanished

The Hittites are mentioned in the Bible as contemporaries of the ancient Egyptians. They were a powerful civilization based in modern day Anatolia. Yet unlike other such mighty empires, they disappeared so quickly as to have become something of a mystery. But tenacious archaeologists searching for their capital city made a startling discovery in Turkey. […]

A Game Of Ghosts

A Game of Ghosts   by John Connolly This is the latest (2017) in the popular Charlie Parker series, and continues Parker’s battles against the forces of darkness. Charlie Parker is a former cop turned private eye who lost both his wife and young daughter to a serial killer known as the Travelling Man. As Connolly […]

Early Irish Feminists With Holy Fire In Their Blood

Saint Moninne of Killeavey was one of Ireland’s earliest female saints. After vigorous instruction in the religious life, she founded a community, initially consisting of eight virgins and a widow with a baby, at Slieve Gullion, in what became, under the later colonial administration, County Armagh. They lived a reclusive life on the slopes of […]