Letter From Gaza To Justin Trudeau

The Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau, is known for openly weeping at the plight of Syrian refugees. He likes to be portrayed as a compassionate man of the people who will stand with the oppressed. Yet it seems that he has no tears for Palestine.

The following is a missive to Trudeau from Gaza asking why he has shied away from condemning the brutality of the rogue state of Israel, and why he will not stand solidly with the oppressed people of Palestine. It will be interesting to see if he has any response to these charges, or at least one that is worth listening to.

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4 Responses

  1. Only Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry have tears for Gaza, the latter made a particularly good speech in the House of Commons. Mr Corbyn’s have to be muted, he cannot cry too much or it would be anti semitic of him. And that’s what the JLC, BoD and the Labour Friends of Israel were doing when they constantly attacked him. He needs to be silenced. They can’t allow a highly positioned politician to empathise with Palestinians. Most can be silenced using a reminder of the skeleton that lurks in their cupboard. I get the impression Corbyn has none, or they would have used it instead of having to call him ‘anti semite’. Of all British politicians, he is the least racist or prejudiced.
    He is much more polite than I would be about Israel. They need humiliating into ceasing their ‘death camp Gaza’ onslaughts. Even Jews in the camps didn’t have the roof over their heads bombarded by good old blighty. 16,000 families in Gaza are still without shelter thanks to the Israelis. They weren’t content with flattening these homes, they want to make sure they can’t rebuild them. Watch how the flotilla crews will be brutalised and stripped of any dignity before the cargo from their ships is confiscated. The Nazis were mild in comparison.

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  2. Indeed rebelvoice. I’ve always considered him a bit too left leaning, even for me but there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that his heart is in the right place and he genuinely means no one any harm. Even his attacks on other politicians don’t have the usual venom, probably because he doesn’t like behaving in an unsociable manner – even towards his adversaries. He would be a superb PM, but I’m afraid the people in this country are unable to see his commitment to make everyone’s life better, particularly those in the poverty trap.
    Because of the outrageous attacks on him by pro Israeli groups continually trying to smear him, I believe he is being a bit low key, so far as Palestine is concerned but maybe he knew that Emily Thornberry was going to nail the Tories with her speech a few weeks ago.

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