US Federal Government In State Of Moral Terminal Decline

So the United States regime has decided to pull out of the United Nations Human Rights Council? What next? Will they ban puppies and children’s TV shows? Perhaps they will pass an edict that instructs all citizens to spit on anyone under the age or 7?

The US federal administration is imperialist in nature. Of that there is no question. However, whereas previously they sought to hide their increasingly fascist tendencies behind cynical rhetoric and sophistry, today they are becoming more blatant in their quest for global, and cosmic, domination. The mask is slipping.

But what does this mean for the citizens of the US and the world? Well for one thing, people like Trump act in arrogance. They rarely see the consequences of their idiotic actions as they reside in a well-padded bubble with extremely thick walls. This is why they are able to behave in an inappropriate fashion, be outed for it, and still carry on as if nothing has happened. They have no sense of shame or impropriety. Such is life for those raised with a silver spoon in their mouth and another shoved up their ass, both of which spew out shite that covers an oblivious and apathetic populace.

In time, as is the way, the worm will turn and the Trumps and Israels of this world will feel the bite of karma. Sadly, unless our species works determinedly to end this vicious and unrelenting cycle of negativity, then in the future, even after the system has reset by removing the current type of problems plaguing the people, there will be a re-occurrence of the same old trouble. It’s a bleak picture but one not set in stone.

The world’s population, made up of good people for the most part, have it in their gift to end the inequality, the war, the hunger, the abuse, the exploitation, the disease and the premature deaths. Once tackled, eternal vigilance will ensure that there is no repeat. The future’s ours. But do we care enough to take it back?

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