Damage Of Trump’s Child Abuse Policies Explained

Donald Trump has managed to turn children into statistics on the US border with Mexico. His avoidable policy of separating young children from their parents and placing them into cages has obvious repercussions for the mental and emotional well-being of those who are so vulnerable.

Yet there are many who would rush to defend such an abhorrent practice. It can be seen that the current US Administration is now blatantly at war with all immigrants, including children. Such a development is symptomatic of the decline in morality to be found across the entire mainstream political spectrum in the US.

Image result for immigrant children on border

Although Trump has declared that he will retreat from his current vile policy towards immigrant children, he has not made any moves to address the suffering caused to those already violated. Nor is there any indication that he will refrain from enacting any more moronic and callous measures that will target and hurt the vulnerable. He has, after all, just pulled his administration out of the United Nations Human Rights Council which is an extremely ominous sign.

Following is a look at the effects of his punitive action against children.

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