Eastenders’ ‘Nasty Nick’ Condemns Israel During Rally

John Altman is well known for playing the character known as Nasty Nick in the highly popular English soap, Eastenders. In this brief interview, he speaks about Israel and his anger at the slaughter being perpetrated upon the people of Gaza and wider Palestine by the Israeli regime.

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5 Responses

      1. The lack of high profile celebrities/sportsmen and women not vocally supporting the Palestinians means we have a heartless bunch of successful people amidst us or there is more than a hint of truth in the old saying that only psychopaths reach the top, because they don’t mind who they have to trample all over to get there. Another reason is they know only too well that voicing any kind of empathy for the victims of Zionism rings the death knell for their careers.
        Is it a conspiracy theory or is there any basis for the accusation? I think we can safely say that the number of pro Palestinians amongst the wealthy and successful who criticise Israel, we can count on one hand. But even the number of stars that call for restraint amidst an ongoing vicious assault is minimal. We could argue they might want to stay away from politics but they aren’t shy when it comes to furthering gay and lesbian rights, as well as always active in condemning racism. So what’s different about Israeli racism and prejudice against the non Jews?
        Whilst racist abuse is very disturbing, does it compare to young people having their lives destroyed for standing up for their rights and joining a protest? The amount of Palestinians that have lost limbs to the high velocity rounds the IDF have been using is truly sickening. The fact that the event was known about well in advance removes any defence the Israelis might have about being caught unawares.
        To me, the operation appears to have been meticulously planned to kill and maim as many as possible. Considering the poor condition of the health service (particularly) in Gaza, the latest slaughter has yet again shown the Israelis to include a very high percentage of psychopaths, not just amongst their military but in society as a whole.
        I don’t accept the reason being indoctrination through education and then serving in the forces.
        I didn’t deliberately look for a reason to dislike the Israelis. Initially, I was curious as to why these young Palestinians should be so desperate that they would blow themselves and their victims up. The media portrayed ‘religious lunatics’ as being responsible but how many times have we seen the brutality of the ‘religious lunatics’ harassing and stopping kids from going to school? How many ‘settlers’ were convicted of burning the family in the West Bank to death?
        The silence of our media is deafening when it comes to Jewish crime inflicted on non Jews but there is barely a day goes by without being reminded of the bravery of the ‘Holocaust survivors’.
        No one is suggesting Jews should be held to higher standards than anyone else. A level playing field would be nice.
        Sorry….rant over.

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