Mossad Killer Protected By Croatia

In this report we read about two assassins, reputedly working for Mossad, who killed a leading member of Hamas’ engineering department in Tunis. Both gunmen were later identified and arrested in Croatia. Both were carrying Bosnian passports. The Croatian government, in cahoots with the government of Bosnia are, for some as yet unknown reason, refusing to hand the killers over to the Tunisian authorities. The entire episode is murky and dirty and still to be fully understood by the public.

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5 Responses

  1. We need to remember the Saudi/Wahhabi influence that was spread around in Muslim majority regions of ex-Yugoslavia during the run-up to its break up… I guess if we take into account the recent expose of the cozy ‘Saudi-Israeli connection’ it does kind of become easy to understand why the Croatian and Bosnian authorities may be protecting Mossad’s interest… that may not be all, but this aspect certainly seems to be playing a role…

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  2. I see Wahhabism and Zionism as two sides of the same coin to be honest… the workings of both seem to have run parallel to each other in history… and Capitalism has been a highly effective tool in their hands just like Religion – not to forget they have also exploited Socialism and Communism to their advantage when necessary. Its sad to see that together, the duo has pretty much managed to destroy the moral essence of mankind only to replace it with wide-spread moral and intellectual depravity…

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