New Zealand Terrorist Attack – The Israeli Connection

The atrocities that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, when an Australian terrorist murdered 50 Muslims during prayer has been widely reported. Many reasons for the killings have been mooted, but little attention has been given to the Israel connection.

The terrorist who committed the attacks, and there is a strongly held belief that he did not operate alone, had visited the rogue Israeli state in the year prior to his murder spree. His reasons for visiting that state are as yet unknown. Yet Zionism has, ironically, been firmly linked to right-wing, fascist groups across Europe and the US. The Islamophobic mindsets to be found in official Israel sits easily with a similar perspective extant in the crooked minds of far-right groups who laud Hitler.

That the Christchurch killer should admire Israel will come as no surprise to those who know that gerrymandered, sectarian state and its illegal activities. It will be interesting to see how the global Zionist media portray, or more likely try to quash, the facts surrounding the visit of the terrorist of Christchurch to a fetid political entity that has become a byword for both anti-Arab and Islamophobic sentiment.

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