New Zealand Terrorist Attack – The Israeli Connection

The atrocities that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, when an Australian terrorist murdered 50 Muslims during prayer has been widely reported. Many reasons for the killings have been mooted, but little attention has been given to the Israel connection. The terrorist who committed the attacks, and there is a strongly held belief that he […]

Extreme Sports – Bungy Jump, New Zealand

In this footage, you can really get a sense of just how terrifying it must be to jump from a great height with a rubber cord tied to your feet. The very act of bungy jumping goes against our natural instincts. Yet people all over the world partake in this extreme form of entertainment. Humans […]

5 Of The Most Impressive Geysers

This is a wonderful look at 5 of the best known geysers today or in the past. Humans are understandably fascinated by these natural eruptions and geyser sites are tourist magnets. Rebel Voice recommends not bathing in the waters attached to some of these hot springs as you may spend the rest of the week […]