Top 10 Most Badass TV Characters Of All Time

OK, we all like to portray ourselves as peaceniks, stuffing flowers down the barrels of guns and swapping stories about cotton wool. But in reality there is still a fascination for the tough guys on our screens and lives lurking in our minds. Program makers know this. They have us sussed. They give us what we secretly want. That’s why the badasses are the ones we remember and admire, even if we condemn the shocking levels of violence used to kill those damn vampires and freakin’ zombies.

The next video presents you with 10 of the most celebrated badasses on TV. Calling them badasses makes them sound as if they have piles, when in fact they have piles of money. But so be it. Badasses they are and badasses they will continue to be. Are your favourite bada… nope, can’t use it again… are your favourite emotionally and physically uncompromising characters (that’s the reason they’re called badasses) in this list? If not, then who are they?

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