I Always Find You – Horror Thriller By John Ajvide Lindqvist

I Always Find You by John Ajvide Lindqvist In Stockholm in 1985, a nineteen year old John Ajvide Lindqvist has moved into his own place for the first time. It’s not much to look at, a dilapidated building out of the sunlight, but it’s his own personal space and he falls for it. His neighbours […]

Extreme Sports – Bungy Jump, New Zealand

In this footage, you can really get a sense of just how terrifying it must be to jump from a great height with a rubber cord tied to your feet. The very act of bungy jumping goes against our natural instincts. Yet people all over the world partake in this extreme form of entertainment. Humans […]

The Crow Girl – Novel By Erik Axl Sund

The Crow Girl  by Erik Axl Sund Saga is an Old Norse word meaning an epic story, usually surrounding a family or person. Erik Axl Sund is a composite of both Jerker Eriksson and Hakan Axland Sundquist. Both men are Swedish. The Crow Girl is their first collaboration. It is a saga. Sofia Zetterlund is […]

81-Year-Old Swede Sails On Palestinian Freedom Flotilla

In this short piece to camera, an 81-year-old Swedish man, Jan Stromdahl, speaks about his decision to join the freedom flotilla as it makes its way to Gaza in an attempt to break the immoral and illegal Israeli blockade. It’s refreshing to learn about someone who could be sitting at home enjoying his retirement, but […]

The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye

The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye   by David Lagercrantz This is number 5 in the Stieg Larsson series that revolves around the life of the anti-heroine, Lizbeth Salander. Lizbeth has found herself in prison and becomes embroiled in defending a young woman who was the victim of an honour killing, losing her […]

Joe Hill -Various Artists

In this article, we have a number of versions of the famous revolutionary song, Joe Hill. This song is performed wherever those who are free of mind and action gather to celebrate the good in our world. Joe Hill (Joel Emmanuel Hägglund, also known as Joseph Hillström) was born in Sweden on October 7th, 1879, before emigrating to […]

Israeli Input Into ISIS

Given the ongoing spate of attacks across Europe by those claiming to be from ISIS, it is perhaps necessary give some logical consideration to such vile occurrences. The article which follows is an avenue of thought that Rebel Voice has allowed, one which might shed light upon the terrible actions of Islamic State. Firstly, to […]

Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones  by Stephen King I would not want to live in Stephen’s King’s head. It must surely be one of the most warped places in this universe and any other. If, as some claim, that which we imagine comes into existence somewhere out there, then Stephen King is responsible for more fucked-up parts […]