UK Arms Sales To Israel Increases By 250%

Wars need weapons. The UK has weapons. Israel wants war. Israel also wants to conduct brutal savagery against the civilians of Palestine, particularly those in Gaza. The rogue Zionist state cannot kill if it has no weaponry. If Israel is to make its own weapons, as it often does, it still requires parts and materials from other nations. Therefore, every government that assists Israel on its bloody path must also be implicated in the deaths of all civilians killed by that rogue state. Theresa May has the blood of Palestinian people on her grubby hands.

The following article looks at the facts surrounding the vile weapons trade between the UK and Israel.

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2 Responses

  1. One of the biggest motivations for the Zionist Deep State psychopaths to play war-war wherever, however, and whenever possible is all the millions, billions and trillions that flow in… not to forget the sense of ‘ultimate power’ that comes along… wonder if we will see a different world in our lifetime…

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