Britain Selling Weaponry To Rogue State Of Israel As Palestinians Die

In this clip from Russia Today, we hear how the British government has continually sold weapons to Israel even though the Zionist state has been engaged in the well-documented practice of killing Palestinian civilians.

Israel enacts policies of Apartheid and ethnic cleansing. It also launches missile and artillery strikes against civilian targets. It has starved and isolated the region of Gaza. Israel is a rogue state by any modern definition. Yet it continually is accepted as normal by governments such as that of the UK.

It must now be seen that when such governments set aside all moral considerations so that they might make ever-greater profits, then they are complicit in the death and harm that their weapons cause to civilians. The UK government also bears guilt for all the evil that the Israelis are causing in Palestine. They are not alone. Many others are also complicit. It may be that it is the profits to be accrued, as opposed to any ideology, that encourages the British government to turn a blind eye to Israeli brutality.

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