Anti-Media Report On Syrian Gas Attack Lies

Events currently playing out in Syria may have strong repercussions for more than just the population there. The entire region has become a tinderbox because of the immoral and deceptive behaviour of Israel and the US Administration, with France and the UK hanging onto the shirttails of the twin demons of the Axis of Evil.

Lies and propaganda is being spewed out daily by the news machinery of the Axis. These specious stories involve accusations that Bassir al-Assad has used chemical weapons in the war. The following report looks at these baseless allegations and provides credible testimony from those who know that all is not as the MSM of the Axis would have us believe.

The upcoming global war will have dire consequences for everyone, with the ordinary people the worst affected. That means you. Whether you are in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Australasia, your life and the lives of your loved ones will not improve if the Axis of Evil get their warmongering way. And their reasoning is built upon a soggy tissue of lies.

We now have the almost laughable image of Netanyahu publicly declaring that Iran has nuclear weapons in their back-pockets. This is the same Prime Minister of Israel who testified to a US Senate Committee that Saddam Hussein of Iraq also had weapon of mass destruction. We remember how that played out, and how many civilians, and soldiers, died so that Israel could feel even more comfortable and the corporations of the Axis of Evil could make a great deal more money.

Please share the following video so that more citizens will come to understand that there is a dirty game being played out in Syria at present that will ruin the lives of millions and may end the lives of millions more. Pay special attention to the interview with US 4 star General, Wesley Clark, as he lists the countries that were lined up for destruction by the US almost 20 years ago.

– If you care about these issues, please share this –

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