Brazil Marches For Freedom

The people of Brazil are going on strike in protest at the installation of a puppet President by imperialist concerns.

President Michel Temer attained office due to a shadowy campaign to remove the elected President, Dilma Vana Rousseff.

Rousseff is a socialist who was arrested and tortured by a previous right-wing administration in Brazil. She was impeached in 2016, after a concerted effort by right-wing politicians, many of whom have documented ties to the US Administration.

The scheming in Brazil is but one part of a wider ploy to remove all socialist authorities in Latin America, by fair means or foul. Venezuela is currently suffering from the same right-wing interference. Next will be either Bolivia or Ecuador.

The right-wing forces must be tackled and stopped at each and every juncture. The capitalists have established some momentum, but that must be slowed and reversed if the people of the Americas are to be free from oppression.

Freedom for Brazil!

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