Rats Biting Children Is One Legacy Of Obama

Before the US and Israeli Surplass instigated the war in Syria, in an attempt to overthrow Assad, the country was in a relatively peaceful and prosperous condition. It was not perfect, but then, few nations are.

Since the inception of the imperialist campaign, millions of people have either died or been forced to flee the ravages of war. They have sought shelter wherever they can find it.

Although I do not like to hear of the suffering of good people, it is the children that I feel the greatest sympathy for. All children are innocent, yet the Syrian war does not take this into account. The massive wave of refugees from that torn land, continue to be victimized wherever they might find themselves. Their children still suffer.

The following report on some of these refugees shows the impact that the western and Israeli instigated war has had, and continues to have, on good people who did no wrong.

The rats who bite children seeking shelter in a barn, is but one horrific aspect of the legacy left behind by those filthy rich, morally bankrupt individuals such as Barack Obama who, it must be pointed out, was in power when the war in Syria began. Something to think about when his history is being written.

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