Medellín, Colombia, Mountain Bike Challenge – Crazy Footage

Mountain biking is an extreme sport. It’s not quite up there with wingsuits or surfing, but it is up there. The degree of danger is dependent upon the course taken. Some are relatively OK whilst others are only for the very experienced who crave danger and adrenaline. Anyone who has ever watched mountain bikers at […]

Ecuador Attacks By Unknowns – US Troops To Regain Access To Country?

This is more on the terrorism taking place on the Ecuadorian and Colombian border. Those responsible for the attacks are not yet known. But certain vested interests are calling for a return of US troops to the region. Could it be that the supposed narco-terrorism is merely a pretext for greater involvement of US military […]

US Military Invited To Ecuador

The following article deals with a story that is flying under the radar of most. There have been attacks on the military of Ecuador along the border with Columbia. It has not been stated as to who is responsible for these attacks. Keep in mind that Colombia is very pro-US and is effectively controlled by […]

China And US To Fight Over Canal

The topic covered in the news article following, namely the Panama Canal, highlights an issue that is demonstrative of a greater global trend. As China continues to grow in strength, both economically and militarily, it becomes an evermore real threat to US global hegemony. The US currently controls the Panama Canal, yet China is a […]

FARC Ceasefire Means Right-wing Exploitation Expands

In this video, we can see what happens when you try to reason with those who are unreasonable. When left-wing groups, be they in Colombia or Ireland or anywhere else for that matter, have attempted to move society forward by calling ceasefires and laying down their arms, they are eventually weakened and marginalized by the […]

Imperial Troops Move Into Brazil

The content of the following report, from teleSur, is extremely worrying. The suggestion is that planned military exercises conducted ostensibly to counter drugs gangs in Amazonia, are really a pretext for the establishment of permanent US military bases in the region. If the suggestion is true, and teleSur are rarely mistaken, then it would appear […]