US Military Invited To Ecuador

The following article deals with a story that is flying under the radar of most. There have been attacks on the military of Ecuador along the border with Columbia. It has not been stated as to who is responsible for these attacks. Keep in mind that Colombia is very pro-US and is effectively controlled by US agencies. Now, the President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, is inviting senior US military officials to his country to discuss a strengthening of their efforts to supposedly tackle drug traffickers.

Could it be that the attacks on the military of Ecuador are being used as a pretext for greater involvement of the US military in the region? As Ecuador was leftist in outlook, is the current administration now moving towards the US and selling out both the people and the nation’s resources?

The President has a first name that would indicate that he is of a left-wing persuasion. His father idolized the Russian revolutionary for whom he is named. Moreno is in the political party of PAÍS, which is socialist. Yet he is intent in bringing the US military into his country. Sometimes, when you sup with the devil, you pay a heavy price. Look for further developments in this case with more encroachments by the US military, under the control of Capitalist corporations, as they attempt to stamp their specious authority across all of Latin America.

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