FARC Ceasefire Means Right-wing Exploitation Expands

In this video, we can see what happens when you try to reason with those who are unreasonable. When left-wing groups, be they in Colombia or Ireland or anywhere else for that matter, have attempted to move society forward by calling ceasefires and laying down their arms, they are eventually weakened and marginalized by the Establishment/Surplass, who then move to consolidate their power.

In Colombia, the nation is being directed by foreign corporations who want evermore control of the land. To this end, they employ, and arm, right-wing paramilitaries under the gaze and approval of the Washington-controlled government, who continue to force the people from their property so that bigger plantations might be created to fuel the profits of said corporations. The concept of the ‘Banana Republic’ has not gone away.

The people are being exploited, and now that FARC has effectively agreed to disband, there will be no weapons standing in the way of total domination of the citizens by profit-hungry multinationals. The government cannot be relied on. So who is left?

I see darker days ahead for the impoverished people of Colombia.

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