Orange Willie Frazer And His Broken ‘Gay Relationship’

Willie Frazer is a gype. He is a clown, a tit, a gobshite and a poultice. He would be funny all the time if not for the nasty shite that he often utters. Questions have been raised as to Frazer’s mental health. It has been said that he is a sick c**t. It’s hard to argue with this.

Jamie Bryson, a Unionist protester (as in, he is a Unionist who protests, not that he protests against Unionists, although maybe he should) is a very good friend of Frazer who is stated as living on the Tandragee Road outside Markethill in County Armagh, or Ard Mhacha if you like to use the native language. Ard Mhacha in Gaelic means the ‘Height of Macha’, but in Frazer’s case it should mean the ‘Height of Nonsense’.

Note: Tandragee in Gaelic means ‘arse to the wind’. Surely that’s a fitting place for Willie Frazer to live, as he consistently talks shite.

Anyhow, with regards to Jamie Bryson, who resembles a Unionist ladyboy (but not nearly as manly), he once remarked that both he and Frazer were in a ‘gay relationship’.

This is interesting as, when you view the following video, you will note that both are dressed up. Bryson is wearing a wig, perhaps one that he wears when he and Frazer are role-playing. Bryson’s mouth is also taped over. Now many of you are thinking this a splendid idea, yet it might be indicative of the saucy nature of the relationship between the two hardline Unionists.

Frazer is dressed in a bizarrely kinky manner and we can only imagine (or try hard not to) what sort of sex-games both Bryson and Frazer might engage in, when together in private.

If I had to guess, I would say that Bryson, although the more effeminate looking, is the bossy one in their relationship. I expect that Willie is, if gay as Bryson claims, the pillow-biter of the two. I expect that he wears his orange sash as Bryson repeatedly bursts his orange star (or would it be a Purple Arch by the time Bryson’s finished?)

The great problem with this rumoured romance is that we, at Rebel Voice, have to ask the question, can Jamie Bryson be trusted?

Now Frazer is, as has been said, a gobshite. He is a country (mammy’s) boy who is rumoured to be exceptionally innocent in matters of the flesh. Bryson is a more experienced urbanite from the metropolis of Donaghadee, and a (sugardaddy’s) boy who has  probably been yanking at his tiny bar since he first saw Peppa Pig with no clothes on. So will Bryson be respectful of Frazer and the gay man love that the Markethill moron might feel for femmy Jamie? I don’t believe so, as the following clip will demonstrate:

When we see such infidelity, we can only speculate as to the hurt caused to the emotions of poor, bigoted Willie. Did such an expose destroy his ‘gay romance’ with the misshapen headed leader of Unionist protests?

Personally, I feel that the greatest incidence of deceit that occurred between Bryson and Frazer was when Jamie-poo was unfaithful to Orange Will by beginning a relationship with Daithi McKay, of Sinn Féin. The hurt caused to Frazer will have been substantial. All the times in their declared ‘gay relationship’ (according to Bryson) that Willie might have performed fellatio (sucked Jamie’s little dick), all the times when he ironed Bryson’s clothes, all the times when he cooked something special (and we’re not talking a hefty fart for the Dutch oven), must have seemed meaningless when Willie Frazer discovered that his true love had been untrue, with a member of the dreaded Shinners.


Jamie Bryson turned his back on Willie Frazer ( and not for the first time, heh heh) for the man shown above. I bet Frazer was asking himself, what he could have done differently to keep Bryson’s love. If you look at pictures of Frazer from after this time (once you pull the darts back out), you might observe that Frazer has cut his hair differently, and even appears to have begun plucking his eyebrows. Is any of it a sign of his attempts to woo his beloved back into their ‘gay relationship’, and presumably into his manky old bed?

Willie Frazer is an orange asshole. He is a gobshite. He is a sectarian bigot with delusions of grandeur. He is someone who reeks of failure and gets beaten in a fight by a disabled OAP in his front garden. He is a running joke. He is a sad twat. He looks funny. He sounds funnier. He is well suited to lead Unionism.

As to his ‘fictional gay relationship’ with Jamie Bryson? Are they on, or are they off (one another)? Is Frazer saving a fortune in condoms, or was he saving money in the Unionist tradition by utilizing old crisp bags and some elastic bands? Shall we hear more from the self-elected spokesperson of those clueless minions who declare their loyalty to Lizzie Windsor?

As I believe that it will make him happy, I’ll leave the last word to the bold Willie Frazer.

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