The Wedding

                           The Wedding   The sheltered grassy haven, encircled by a stream, Caught memories of old, now held in time, Where Elfin folk would play, would dance, their music of a dream, The storied sounds now cast upon a rhyme.   Summer smiles upon her lot and welcomes down the sun, To warm the hearts, […]

Orange Logic (A Contradiction In Terms)

Here we have Orange Logic, which is something similar to that which is used by a dopey dog as it spins around and around chasing its own tail, before sitting down and violently licking its own balls.

Orange Willie Frazer And His Broken ‘Gay Relationship’

Willie Frazer is a gype. He is a clown, a tit, a gobshite and a poultice. He would be funny all the time if not for the nasty shite that he often utters. Questions have been raised as to Frazer’s mental health. It has been said that he is a sick c**t. It’s hard to […]

Temple, Gods and Sacrifice on Slieve Gullion

It’s colder and wetter now. The climate has cooled. The crops are failing. To appease their fickle deities the tribesmen must make a powerful sacrifice. They stand nervously huddled within the shadowy chamber and restrain their drugged victim as outside the steadily weakening sun falls ominously to mark the end of the year. It’s 3000 […]

A Savage Hunger

A Savage Hunger  by Claire McGowan I won’t spend too much time on this book as it’s not worth it. It’s cac (that’s Gaelic for shit). Claire McGowan is really Eva Woods. She was born in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland but currently resides in London. I watched a video clip of the author, […]

The Accidental Wife

The Accidental Wife by Orla McAlinden Orla McAlinden is from Portadown in the Irish Occupied Six Counties (OSC), although she refers to it as Northern Ireland. This is apparently her first book. It shows. McAlinden received something called the Eludia Award, given out ‘for a first book-length unpublished novel or collection of stories by a […]

On Ireland

Despair ye who dare, for the subjugated majority who have lost their national self-respect, who would yet grovel to feed and fuel the low self-esteem of the Irish people. …yet a flame of patriotism burns fiercely, a torch carried doggedly by the few who know; the few with the confidence of an unbeaten minority; the […]

Gaels on the Summit

On Saturday 18th February, the Irish Gaelic language group, ‘Dream Dearg’ (Red Crowd, red as in angry) organized a demonstration in Newry calling for an Irish Language Act, designed to ensure respect for the native Irish tongue, as well as facilitating those who wish to conduct their day-to-day business through the medium of Gaelic. The […]