A Savage Hunger

A Savage Hunger  by Claire McGowan

I won’t spend too much time on this book as it’s not worth it. It’s cac (that’s Gaelic for shit).

Claire McGowan is really Eva Woods. She was born in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland but currently resides in London. I watched a video clip of the author, and she speaks with an English accent. I guess she must have left Ireland at a young age. Either that or she is one of those clowns so ashamed of their accent that they affect something deemed altogether more posh and sophisticated. I do not like people like that.


As for her novel? It’s not her first, and sadly it won’t be her last. The writing is mediocre and the content extremely bloated. I expect that Woods fell asleep whilst writing this story. I know I fell asleep when reading it. The plot drags and I found myself struggling to get through it. It was so bad that I couldn’t complete it, and I really hate it when that happens as I feel it a complete waste of my time.

I browsed the remaining three quarters of the book, just to see what the author had planned for her boring characters. It wasn’t worth my while. The commentary on Ireland, and the Six Counties in particular, is offensive. Perhaps Woods had a bad experience when living there, and felt the need to demean the entire region.

For anyone who wishes to understand the situation in the Six Counties of Ireland, either during the Hunger Strikes of 1981 (apparently the year the author was born, and a year featured in this story), or now, I would suggest giving this book a wide berth. The author of this particular tome of rubbish has little or no idea of how life really is or was. It might be that she did her research by reading MI5 reports compiled by some moronic toff named Rupert who had never set foot in Ireland.


Eva Woods clearly comes across as anti-Republican. In this she displays a truly one-dimensional understanding of what took place in a war-zone. She portrays militant Republicans as people with horns and pointy tails. She does not portray the RUC (former state paramilitary ‘police’ force) as anything other than good and decent. Given the continuing revelations of widespread collusion between the RUC, British Army, and Unionist Paramilitaries such as the UVF and UDA, it is clear that Eva Woods has undertaken her research with her head shoved up her own ass.

download (3)

In conclusion, I wouldn’t touch this book again with a barge-pole. I wouldn’t use it as a doorstop either, in case it took the varnish off the wood. I wouldn’t have it in or near my home. I would burn it if not for the environmental impact of such toxic cac-infused smoke entering our atmosphere.

Have I managed to clearly express my feelings towards this collection of paper that is masquerading as a novel?

Sult scale rating: 0.5 out of 10. I give it 0.5 as it provided material for a semi-review. But it is utter tripe. If someone gives this book to you as a gift, then punch them, as it means they really hate you (I’m sending two copies to Benjamin Netanyahu).


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