Righteous – Novel By Joe Ide

Chinese Triads, LA gangbangers, a youthful black detective, Vegas gamblers, violent moneylenders, one-legged Rwandan fraudsters and obscene giants. This book has it all, nicely wrapped in a Holmesian story-line. Gotta at least give it a go!

Sunset Limited – James Lee Burke Novel

Sunset Limited by James Lee Burke Dave Robicheaux is back on the pages of Rebel Voice. The Louisiana detective just can’t stay away from this magazine. This time, Dave is investigating the case of Cool Breeze Broussard, a black man who has suffered abuse at the hands of local white bigwigs, as well as having […]

Colorblind – Robert B Parker Novel Written By Reed Farrel Coleman

Colorblind by Robert B Parker and Reed Farrel Coleman This is one more in the highly popular Jesse Stone series which follows the Massachusetts police chief as he struggles with alcoholism and a spate of racially motivate attacks. Stone has returned to Paradise after a stint in rehab. This time he’s serious about giving up […]

American By Day – Novel By Derek B. Miller

The picture says it all. This one’s a turkey and demonstrates the importance of having a good editor. Just because a book has a nice cover and looks stylish is no guarantee that the content is of similar quality. There are lessons for all authors in this book and how poor it is.